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Origami bird, Exemplar Strategic solutions gives Strategic consulting services for your business

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Strategic consulting services for your business - often related to the visioning, setting of short and long term goals and objectives, bringing in operational efficiency, increasing profitability, improving market share, increasing brand value, integrated marketing communication, reducing employee attrition, market expansion, business restructuring etc.

We are industry independent and use a very effective process that helps us deliver across industries and geographical markets.

Brand Strategy & Design
A. Corporate Brand Identity Development
For existing business groups or entities that are planning to newly launch in the market. This includes:

Articulating the Vision, Goals & Objectives & Value System of the organisation and putting in place organizational systems to conduct business as per the set guidelines.

Corporate Brand Architecture
Relationship between Corporate Brand & Business brands. This is critical for complex business groups with interests in diverse and unrelated business segments.

Corporate website development

Corporate Brand Identity Manual
This will define all aspects of the brand and its values. It helps in implementation of the Corporate Brand across regions and different markets.

Corporate Communication
- Internal Communication

  • To sensitize the employees to the Brand Values, increase motivation and Loyalty to job.
- External Communication
  • Customers (Potential and existing)
  • Talent pool (Potential recruits)
  • Partners (Vendors, dealers, franchisees, retailers)
  • Shareholders & Investors
B. Product/ Service Brand Identity Development
This includes:
Selecting the right brand name which is unique and can be registered as a trademark and copyright so that it becomes an intellectual property of your company.

Design of the Brand logo which includes the logotype/font and symbol of the brand.

Selecting the right Positioning Statement OR Tagline for the brand. E.g. Nike's Just Do It or Nokia's Connecting People, which becomes the essence of the brand.

Stationery Design
Visiting cards, name tags, letterhead design, envelopes design, email signature design to bring in a consistency and brand impact in communication.

Website design and execution

Brand Usage Manual
Guidelines on the correct usage of the Brand Identity in different media like press advertisements, outdoors – hoardings & signages, inside the offices etc.

Marketing Strategy & Solutions
Core Marketing Proposition
Market Insight that your brand will cater to and differentiate itself from the competition.

Target Customer Definition
Which segment of customers to target and how to define it in easy understandable and actionable points.

Developing the Marketing Mix
Defining the product and service attributes and features, the markets for launching and selling the products, the appropriate pricing of the products & services based on market dynamics, the ways and means of promoting the products.

Media Strategy & Execution
Choosing the right media mix suited to your budget & marketing objectives:

  • Print - newspapers, magazines.
  • Outdoors - Billboards, mobile hoardings.
  • Indoors - In shop, mall, airport.
  • Mobile - SMS, Blue tooth campaigns.
  • Electronic - TV & Radio.
  • Internet – Websites, Search Engines, Social communities, Blogs. Developing the advertising & promotional campaigns and related services across multiple platforms.

Marketing Collaterals
Brochures, Catalogs, Posters, Annual Reports, Profiles, Packaging Design.

Public Relations Strategy
Defining the PR Strategy & Approach to best communicate your brand values & promise to customers & society at large.

Media & Client kit
Presentation kits, mailers, models and visual representations like multimedia presentations Event collaterals for Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Promotions, Annual Days, Conferences etc.

Designing 3D marketing structures right from the concept creation to organization, initial impressions to graphic design and coordination with vendors.

Customer Relationship Management Program
Conceptualization & Development of Customer Relationship Management Programs including the format, designs, loyalty cards and coordination with vendors for developing the IT backbone.

Retail Strategy & Design
Three Pillars of Retail To streamline your retail operations, EXEMPLAR works on the three most important aspects of Retail Success. They are:

  • Footfall Increase - How many customers visit your store? If you are not happy with the numbers, EXEMPLAR can give you simple yet effective solutions to increase the number of footfalls in your store.

    Conversion Increase - Out of the people who visit your store, how many of them end up buying something? There are numerous ways to increase this conversion rate and we can help you with the same.

    Average Bill Value Increase - It is not enough to have a higher conversion rate. Next most important aspect is the average bill value i.e. on an average how much does each customer spend in one visit. EXEMPLAR has developed several strategies to increase the average bill value and these can be customized as per your retailing needs.

Other Services

  • Store Location Analysis – If you intend to open a new store in a city, what is the best location for the same? Or if you have a choice of locations, which one should you choose? Using simple research techniques we provide you with an Attractiveness Index of a location for your kind of retail store. This will help your decision making.

    Layout & Planogram – The success of a retailing venture also depends on how the store is laid out in different sections which makes shopping easy for the customers. We plan section location and within sections, how the products should be stacked and in what quantities. You get a layout that facilitates easy refilling of stocks, inventory management, reducing pilferage & shop lifting etc.

    Display & Visual Merchandising – Attractive and ergonomic display & visual merchandising helps increase shopper comfort and sale of products. We can help you with designing your seasonal in shop and window displays and visual merchandising to give you an edge over your competitors.

    Sales Staff Training – Training and improvement of the retail sales staff is very important to increase the shopper loyalty to your retail store. Most of the staff in retail is not highly qualified, properly trained people are not easily available, plus these usually come from a different strata of the society when compared to your customers. Teaching them the right etiquettes and manners, giving them the correct product knowledge is important and that can be done using our highly effective training methodology.

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