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1. Dream - A big dream is necessary to create a big success. This is the visioning of the future that a business leader does. This is the point where everything starts.

2. Plan - A big dream needs to be supported with a meticulous PLAN to bring it to reality. Resource planning & allocation is important to generate results. A contingency plan is also important in today's dynamic business environment.

3. Implement - After planning, starts the implementation phase which usually determines the quantum of success. Many organizations fail at this stage. EXEMPLAR handholds your organization during the implementation phase. Once the organization is ready to manoeuvre the strategy, EXEMPLAR steps aside.

4. Monitor - Defining success parameters and monitoring the progress is important. These parameters could be tangible like Sales, Profits etc. and intangible like Brand Equity & Affiliation.

5. Improve - If the implementation is not working in the desired direction, course corrections are recommended and continuous improvement is achieved through each small & big action.

6. Sustain - Reaching at the top is easy but maintaining the top position requires special efforts. EXEMPLAR recommendations & implementation help you stay at the top.

EXEMPLAR lays a lot of importance to implementation of strategies. This is achieved through a simple principle which everybody in the organization can easily understand and adopt. We call it the H4W principle. The EXEMPLAR solution is further broken down into five questions which when answered lead to specific action points. These five questions enable your people to implement the solutions. The five questions are:


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