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Trend Watch
A unique process that dives deep into what's happening in the world in related and unrelated industries that can impact your business or influence your customers. It helps you to keep your business in sync with the market movement and also be ahead of the curve by anticipating the future. Trend watch has several sub components such as:

a. Technology Watch
b. Society Watch
c. Competition Watch
d. Relate Watch
e. Unrelate Watch

Root Funnel
A process that enables the decision maker to reach to the root cause of any problem or issue at hand. This uses both qualitative & basic quantitative research techniques to demystify a problem and break it down into simple actionable points. Root funnel relies highly on both internal & external view of the problem.

a. Internal:
    i. Management & employee opinion
b. External:
    i. Customer opinion
    ii. Vendor opinion
    iii. Shareholder opinion
    iv. Channel Partner opinion

Creative Funnel
Once the root cause of a problem is identified, one or more creative strategic options are developed to address the problem. These are subjected to intense scrutiny by different stakeholders – both internal & external to arrive at THE EXEMPLAR SOLUTION.

EXEMPLAR handholds your team during implementation so business success is achieved. The team benefits immensely in the process and shapes up to face future challenges.


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